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Discovering Spiritual Healing Workshop

Join renowned teacher and healer Benjamin Venes in discovering the power of your souls healing. This amazing form of mediumship is the direct power of your soul attuning with the spirit of all creation.

This one day intensive workshop is ideal for all spiritual practitioners, healers, and those wanting to understand spiritual healing on a deeper level.

Spirit Healing is an advanced form of energy healing and involves the healer going into a slight trance state. Through hands-on healing, the healer allows higher healing beings to use their body as a conduit so that they may enter and clear the client’s aura of any negative energy, bringing the client back to their natural state of being.

All participants will receive attunement into this form of healing and be able to use this method as practitioners at the end of the workshop. All students will receive a detailed manual to take home.


17 Apr 2021


10:30 - 18:00




Benjamin's Rooms
215 Rouse Street, Melbourne
Benjamin Venes


Benjamin Venes
0437 594 735


  • Benjamin Venes
    Benjamin Venes

    Benjamin Venes is a Melbourne based Medium, Healer and Artist. His purpose is to help people discover their own power, strength and wisdom through compassion, creativity and spiritual guidance.

    Benjamin’s journey has taken him to India, Nepal and South-East Asia, where he studied, observed and experienced the awakening of his own spiritual power.

    He has spent many years dedicated to the disciplines and teachings of psychic ability and mediumship and has provided sound readings for people from all walks of life. He also teaches one day intensive classes in psychic development, mediumship, and spiritual healing as well as weekly classes at helping those who have a desire in developing these abilities at a more committed level. Benjamin Venes is also a Reiki Master Teacher.